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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Oct 22, 2007 6:04 am


1. Only players friendly to others can stay in Born2Kill guild and take part in World of Warcraft adventure.

2. Any harassment and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

3. Guild is for all types of players so no one can criticize anyone for not taking part in instances raids and guild battlegrounds.

4. There is no trade between guild members.

5. All players with wrong behavior will be demoted than kicked if demote will not bring any changes.

6. All players that hasnít log on in two weeks time, and players under lvl 20 who didnít log on for 1 week will be kicked unless they give a notice before and reason of break.

7. All players with alt chars in guild are supposed to log on them at least once every 2 weeks.

8. Officers and higher rank members are not obligated to help by giving items or money.

9. Officers are obligated to help by advice at anytime and by help in instance, profession when they have a time.

10. For all problems and question plz use forum so other members can make use of your questions and learn on your mistakes.

11. Jaedenar is an english speaking realm, therefore all guild members should speak english on guildchat, those who will not - get special promotion to suicider and loose all therir privilages including speaking on guildchat for 1h first time 1day 2nd time and up to GM/officer ever1 next time.

12. It is a friendly guild althou strict rules about being active therefore - a kicked play for unactivness or any othre reason can still come back to guild as long as he/she explains the sytuation or behavior and the sytuation will be understandable for me or other officers...

13. The unlucky rule... Every player who break rules when im online for instance - speaks language other than english on guild chat or tries to trade on guildchat - for more than 3 times, And is not registered at forum = dont know guild rules gets kicked automatickly... It only apply for ppl not registered at forum.

14. To be continued
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