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 Outland reputation for heroics

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PostSubject: Outland reputation for heroics   Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:33 am

Is important and very helpful to get Honored reputations in Horde camp in Hellfire Penninsula, Zangarmarsh and Lower City before you start questing in these locations.
Its because by making 2 first lvl 60 instances u can only get you reputation to honored and if you do quests later you will get to revered but the time you finish all quests there and you can easily buy your revards and a Heroic mode key.

If you do it other way - u will get to honored by questing, you will not be able to increase you reputation to revered in low lvl easy instaces. Instead u will have to get 12k reputation pts in lvl 70 instnces which are much harder and give less reputation per run - believe me its very hard work.

Therefore when u enter Outland and U care about your game to move swiftly forward - make sure you start from ramparts in helfire citadel and slave pens in zangarmarsh before u start questing in these locations.

In Zangermarsh u can also obtain repeatable quest to bring 10 unidentyfied plant parts or something like that, each 10 parts turned in grants you 250 reputation points for cenarion expedition so you can grind them before u get honored and than start questing. - but these plant parts will only get your reputatation to honored, so make sure u leave quests to get from honored to revered...

Its really worth it if u plan to do Endgame instaces.
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Outland reputation for heroics
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